Who we are

Santa Fe Capital Management is a California based LLC established in 2019 that is doing business as a conglomerate of various brands and businesses. The company has business activities in:

  • Real Estate
  • Web development and technologies
  • Mobile app development and technologies
  • Blockchain technologies
  • Financial derivatives trading
  • Digital marketing

Expansion in all ways always

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We are always interested in new ideas, software technologies and other project collaborations. Where there is money to be made, we will go!


What we offer

Real Estate

Currently active in commercial real estate in Northern California

Web devlopment

Custom web development for small businesses

Mobile app development

Custom mobile app development for small businesses

Blockchain technologies

On-chain app development or NFT issuance

Digital Marketing

Affiliate marketing, SEO, social media management


Contact Us


San Francisco Bay Area


+1 (626) 608-7703‬